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Archives February 2021

Eaton – I/O system XN300

The ultra-compact, modular I / O system XN300 with a pluggable connection level with a high connection density complements the HMI / PLC products to create a system solution that focuses on the application. Application-oriented functions reduce device costs and enable an optimal system solution in the smallest space. The modern design with the practical assembly concept simplifies handling and enables the I / O block as well as the sensors and actuators to be pre-assembled. The pluggable connection level and the clear signal assignment simplify commissioning and complete the properties – ideal for meeting the requirements of series machine construction.

Main features

  • Compact I / O system
  • Modern design
  • Pluggable connection levels
  • Tool-free push-in wiring
  • Pre-assembled block assembly
  • Clear signal assignment
  • Ship approval

Flexible and easy assembly

The XN300 modules can be easily attached to the top-hat rail in the control cabinet by snapping them into place. No additional tool is required for this. This simplifies assembly and enables individual modules to be exchanged quickly. The cables are pressed into the push-in connector and the system is ready to use.

Diversity of modules in a compact space

The possibility of combining different modules as desired makes the XN300 system a universal solution for a wide variety of applications. Gateway modules are part of the basic portfolio and support all Eaton I / O components of this system. Digital modules offer many possible uses as input / output and relay modules. Analog modules are available as input / output and multifunctional modules and can perform mixed functions. Technology modules complete the extensive range and can be used, for example, as weighing, counter or motor driver modules.

Klemsan Rapidus-Mini

Rapidus – Mini, which saves space in the control panel thanks to its 36 mm wide housing, is used in areas where local compensation control (Especially can be used for submersible pump compensation in agriculture applications) is required. Device settings are made easily and quickly with the 4 knobs on it. The device, which is designed for singlephase connections, is available in 1, 2 and 3 step(s) models as an option and can be activate single-phase and three-phase capacitors.

Wago – switch wear-free up to 2.0 A at 30 V

New digital output modules with semiconductor switches for AC and DC loads

For short switching cycles, wear-free semiconductor switches based on MOSFETs are usually the optimal choice. WAGO now offers two modules for this, which can switch currents of up to 2.0 A at voltages of 30 V – and that for both AC and DC loads with the same device. The digital output module 4DO 30VAC / DC 2.0A SSR (750-527) and the potential-free version 4DO 30VAC / DC 2.0A SSR / isolated (750-528) for the WAGO I / O System 750 have four channels with a width of 1 ¬ only 12 mm in the control cabinet. If only low voltages but high currents need to be switched, the semiconductor switches are superior to mechanical relays: They work without wear and are more cost-efficient.

Your advantages:

  • A module for switching AC and DC loads
  • Wear-free semiconductor switch
  • Four channels in a 12 mm wide module

Wöhner Quadron® – the narrowest NH000 disconnector in the World

With the NH fuse-switch-disconnector size 000, the CrossBoard® can be fed in on only 49.5 mm or outlets protected.

Depending on the variant, it is used either by direct contact on the CrossBoard® basic system or alternatively on the 60Classic and 30Compact busbar systems using busbar adapters in the control cabinet. The assembly on the CrossBoard® takes place without tools.

All advantages at a glance:

– rated current 125 A.

– NH fuses 000

– Construction width 49.5 mm

– Connection area 6 – 50 mm²

– Connection technology box terminal

– Utilization category: AC-22B

– Connection above and below possible

Control cabinet status monitoring with extended functionality

TURCK IM18-CCM records the measured values in the control cabinet and transmits this data to higher-level systems for central condition monitoring in IIoT via Ethernet.

Turck is expanding its cabin protection and monitoring area with the IM18-CCM. The integrated sensors of the 18 mm compact device monitor temperature, humidity and door position in order to send this information to higher-level information systems via Ethernet. External devices such as vibration sensors can also be integrated via Modbus RTU and CAN.

Monitor status data from your desk:

The IM18-CCM is particularly suitable for OEMs who want to provide basic values for health monitoring in their IT systems. It detects critical states of the control cabinet directly on site. Critical changes or systemic problems can also be identified with long-term evaluations. The IM18-CCM closes the gap between OT and the IT world and enables users to analyze data from the factory level directly from their desks. The Linux platform of the IM18-CCM also allows the installation of custom condition monitoring software. In this way, the measured values can be preprocessed on the device and prepared for the specific requirements of the application.

Eaton – intelligent wiring solution SmartWire-DT

With SmartWire-DT, various components inside and outside the control cabinet can be connected quickly and easily. This results in considerable time and cost savings in the construction of machines and systems. The SmartWire-DT solution also replaces the error-prone direct wiring and enables uniform communication with all system components.

In addition, SmartWire-DT serves as an intelligent cabling system and supplies information from the entire network. In this way, users receive detailed application data in real time that can be used for early diagnosis. In this way, SmartWire-DT users benefit from increased productivity, preventive maintenance and optimized system availability.

Main features

  • A reduction in project planning costs by up to 70%
  • The system can be easily expanded inside and outside the control cabinet
  • Can also be used in extended systems over a distance of up to 600 meters
  • An intelligent connection system that provides detailed data from across the network
  • Flexible maintenance from any location and at any time thanks to remote data access
  • Can be used at temperatures from 0 ° C to +55 ° C (IP20 modules) and -20 ° C to +70 ° C (IP67 modules).

Consistent system

The SmartWire-DT system comprises a wide range of components that can be connected quickly and easily either directly via the integrated interface or via the function modules. The available components include command and signaling devices, contactors, motor starters, frequency converters and hydraulic modules. SmartWire-DT can be easily integrated into existing applications. Gateways are available for all common fieldbus protocols. Alternatively, the system can be connected to an Eaton controller or an Eaton HMI / PLC touch display with an integrated SmartWire-DT interface.

A simple plug and work solution.

Depending on the selected bus system for the higher-level control, up to 99 modules can be connected via a single SmartWire-DT cable with a total length of up to 600 m. The SmartWire-DT connection cable forms the heart of the system. A ribbon cable is used to connect switching devices inside the control cabinet, while a round cable connects sensors / actuators with IP67 SWD devices outside the control cabinet. The strengths of this intelligent system are particularly evident in the design and construction of standard machines. For example, the SWD connectors can be easily preconfigured on the ribbon cable, which saves time in planning and wiring. The connectors also prevent wiring errors, which reduces the time for wiring tests and commissioning by up to 70%.

Intelligent data acquisition in machines and systems

SmartWire-DT replaces the previously required PLC inputs and outputs, which saves space inside the control cabinet. At the same time, it serves as the basis for Industry 4.0 solutions. We have published numerous white papers and success stories from our customers that can tell you more about the benefits of SmartWire-DT, including the potential cost savings.

Klemsan GTOR 4-3G / GPRS Gateway

Our new network gateway is an internet object that works in client and server roles, has both static and dynamic IP support, has gateway and data storage features, using 3G infrastructure, and has an RS485 interface.

In this way, it is possible to control and monitor serial devices remotely. In addition, the device’s configuration data can be read and written over USB, GPRS in JSON format or via SMS.

Besides these;

  • Data logging feature
  • Support for up to 9 remote connections
  • Serial manager or transparent operation types
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP support
  • Location detection feature
  • Software update via USB
  • Klemsan branded KLP-10-24 230VAC-24VDC power supply is designed for product supply.

Wago – top solution for LTE networks

WAGO Controller PFC200 with integrated 4G cellular modem for location-independent applications

The WAGO Controller PFC200 is now available with an integrated 4G cellular modem and can therefore also communicate in LTE networks. The further development of the tried and tested PFC200 makes automation solutions with a mobile network connection future-proof. The solution with control and cellular modem in one compact device not only saves space in the control cabinet, but also offers advantages with regard to cyber security – because the unnoticed exchange and manipulation of the modem are not possible. The new version of the PFC200 for LTE networks is particularly powerful. The Cortex-A8 CPU with 1 GHz offers sufficient computing power for complex control tasks. The PFC200 can connect to the Internet via the cellular modem. The settings for the cellular network can be configured directly via the control’s web-based management. Among other things, the telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5-101, -103 and -104, which are important for the energy sector, can optionally be activated on the controller. In addition, a magnetic base antenna with a 2.5 m connection cable and an angled SMA plug is available. In addition to LTE, the antenna supports common radio technologies.

Wöhner – Assembly of CrossBoard® and components

The CrossBoard® is supplied as an out-of-the-box system and can be clicked onto the high (35 × 15 mm) or flat (35 × 7.5 mm) DIN mounting rail.

The CrossBoard® can also be screwed directly onto a mounting plate in the control cabinet. Matching openings also facilitate assembly here.

The components can be snapped onto the CrossBoard® easily and without tools. Both the mechanical fastening and the electrical contacting take place in one operation. The integrated reverse polarity protection prevents errors during assembly.

The components can easily be dismantled and snapped onto another point in the CrossBoard®. For safety reasons, the lock must be released with a screwdriver for dismantling. This prevents accidental removal of a component.

Turck – Compact Interface Technology for Modular Machines

Single-channel IMXK12 interface devices for flat control cabinets on modular or mobile machines

Turck is expanding its interface portfolio with the compact single-channel IMXK series for control cabinets with shallow casings, which are commonly used in modular machines or mobile applications. With a depth of only 77 mm, the IMXK series is 35 percent shorter than the latest conventional interface devices. In terms of precision and speed in real conditions, the IMXK outperforms comparable device types with larger dimensions.

The IMXK devices can be used as associated equipment for the connection of intrinsically safe field devices through to Zone 0. The IMXK itself can also be mounted in Ex-compatible housings in Zone 2. All variants can moreover be used in functionally safe circuits up to SIL2. Four variants are initially available: Isolating switching amplifiers for digital input signals (IMXK12-DI), valve control modules for digital output signals (IMXK12-DO) as well as isolating transducers for analog input signals (IMXK12-AI) and isolators for analog output signals (IMXK12-AO). 

The devices are supplied with 10…30 VDC in order to compensate for any voltage fluctuations and to enable operation with a 12 V onboard power supply. The wide operating temperature range from -25 to 70 °C makes them also suitable for use in the proximity of machines and motors, where higher temperatures are often present.