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Archives March 2021

WAGO Evaluate resistance bridges directly

Analog input module with two channels for strain gauges and load cells

Resistance bridge circuits are used in various areas. Strain gauges, force sensors and load cells are typical examples. The new 2AI Resistor Bridge (strain gauge) analog input module enables such resistance bridges to be connected directly to the WAGO I / O System 750. It has two channels and provides the reference voltage directly in the module. This reduces the wiring effort and thus lowers costs. With an overall width of just 12 mm, the module also saves space in the control cabinet. With a resolution of 16 bits, the evaluation of the resistance bridges is very precise. The large input voltage range of ± 300 mV enables different types of sensors to be connected.

Your advantages:

• Connection of resistance bridges, load cells and strain gauges

• Two channels in a 12 mm wide module

• Less wiring effort thanks to internal reference voltage

Wöhner EQUES®CrossBoard. Circuit breakers up to 160 A on the CrossBoard®

Adapter 90 mm wide to accommodate circuit breakers from various manufacturers. With this combination of circuit breaker and adapter, the CrossBoard® can be fed in or outgoers protected.

The fuseless structure in the control cabinet with circuit breakers, according to UL or IEC standard, is a preferred construction method above all in mechanical engineering. Thanks to the variably adjustable fastening points for the devices, all commercially available circuit breakers can be used.

All advantages at a glance:

  • rated current 160 A.
  • Construction width 90 mm
  • Fastening for the circuit breakers individually adjustable
  • Tool-free assembly
  • UL listed

Turck HMI/PLC for Food Industry and Outdoor Areas

Turck now offers special versions of its HMI/PLC devices for applications in the food and beverage industry and for use in bright ambient light

The TX700FB HMI/PLC device series is designed for applications in the food industry (FB for Food&Beverage). The also new TX700HB (High Brightness) version offers better sunlight readability in applications with direct sunlight incidence. Like the devices of the TX100, TX200, TX500 and TX700 series, both variants can not only be used for visualization but can also be used with Turck’s TX VisuPro without CODESYS as IIoT gateway or edge controller.

IIoT-Multitool: Communication via eight protocols in parallel

In addition to the classic HMI protocols for connection to controllers, such as those from Siemens, Beckhoff or Rockwell, TX VisuPro also supports MQTT or OPC-UA as server and client. The devices can communicate with up to eight protocols in parallel. This gateway function therefore also allows data to be exchanged between different controllers or end devices. 

Front side protection class IP69K for high pressure cleaning 

The FB devices were developed to comply with hygienic design requirements (DIN EN1672-2, EHEDG/FDA 21 CFR 177.2006) and come with a stainless steel front with a polyester coating. The device front has been designed with protection to IP69K so that the devices are waterproof at high pressure up to 80 °C. The FB products are also resistant to acids and chemicals.

Minimized reflections for outdoor applications

The HB devices with their extra bright display up to 800 Cd/m² are particularly suitable for outdoor applications. The displays are manufactured with liquid bonding (LOCA) – a screen bonding process that improves screen contrast and increases brightness through reduced reflection and refraction. The HB devices with the full metal housing are resistant to mechanical influences.

Eaton PowerXL DM1 Frequency Converter

The PowerXL frequency converter DM1 combines high functionality in the smallest of spaces. It is used wherever space is an issue, but still requires the functionality of an ordinary universal converter. These include pump functions, HVAC functions and the control of common motors such as asynchronous motors or PM motors. Single-phase (115/230 V) and three-phase versions (400/600 V) are available that cover the power range up to 22 kW. The DM1 Pro version is equipped with safe torque off (STO) and extensive communication protocols as standard.

Key Features:

  • STO – SIL2, PLd, Cat.3 (DM1 Pro)
  • Integrated web server (DM1 Pro)
  • Bluetooth on-board
  • Short-circuit protection without additional ballasts
  • Modbus RTU on-board
  • Modbus TCP, Bacnet MS / TP and IP, Ethernet IP on-board (DM1 Pro)
  • Ambient temperature 50 ° C without derating
  • High overload capacity: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 2 seconds, dual rating
  • U / f control, sensorless vector control, PM control

Space-saving installation in existing systems:

Thanks to its compact design, the DM1 also fits into small housings with a depth of only 200 mm. In addition, the small space requirement enables inexpensive installation within the cabinet.

The DM1 (basic version) is suitable for simple applications in which no additional controls are required. The DM1 is the basic variant and offers Modbus RTU on-board, U / f control, Bluetooth but without keypad, STO and option cards. The DM1 Pro is more extensively equipped and also offers extended functions. DM1 Pro functions at a glance: Keypad with 7-segment display and setpoint potentiometer, STO on-board, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP on-board, U / f control, vector control, PM motor control, Bluetooth, web server on-board, slot for an option card.

The DM1 Pro does not require any external software, as the integrated web server enables access to all device settings and diagnostic data. The PowerXL inControl software includes a module for offline commissioning of the DM1 Standard and DM1 Pro. This module offers the same functionality as the web server and can be used if the DM1 has to be parameterized without a device being connected. The drive can also be put into operation with an external DG1 remote keypad, which can be connected to both the DM1 Standard and the DM1 Pro and shows all parameters and settings in plain text.

Klemsan PISO Isolation Amplifier

Did you know that no external supply is required while protecting your system from noise with the PISO series? The new PISO series has many input and output combinations, from 0-20mA at the input and 0-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V at the output. Multi-channel models are also in the portfolio.

Can be easily mounted on the mounting rail in the control cabinet.

Excellent product characteristics of the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

The control cabinet is changing, because the demands on it are continuously increasing – both in terms of quantity and quality. Increasing networking, rising energy costs and growing customization mean that the control cabinet must be smaller, more economical, faster and more flexible.

Efficiency world champion – particularly efficient and therefore cost and resource-saving thanks to an efficiency of up to 96.3%

Forward-looking communication – the snap-on communication module enables permanent fieldbus communication and keeps you up to date with all important status and data

Suitable for almost every application – a wide variety of Pro 2 parameters can be quickly and easily set to your requirements using software

Intelligent load management – thanks to TopBoost or PowerBoost, sufficient output current is available at all times

Wöhner CrossBoard®: The global base system

The CrossBoard® is available in widths of 225 mm and 405 mm. Both can be combined as required.

Ready quickly and easily

The basic system consists of the CrossBoard®, the infeeds, a large number of adapters, the NH fuse switch-disconnector, the power supply unit, the hybrid motor starters and the hybrid switches.

The new system solution out of the box

With the CrossBoard®, Wöhner has created a completely new system that combines the advantages of a powerful busbar system with traditional wiring on the DIN mounting rail in the control cabinet. The CrossBoard® is an out-of-the-box system that is supplied as a complete unit. It can be assembled and equipped with components immediately after unpacking. This innovative solution saves time and money. Depending on the application, the integrated contact protection also enables work to be carried out under voltage.


The CrossBoard® with its protection against accidental contact offers a high level of safety. Power distribution in accordance with the IEC 61439 and UL 508 standards, including protection against accidental contact in accordance with IP20, can be implemented.


The components are simply snapped onto the CrossBoard®, and the contact is made automatically. The integrated reverse polarity protection prevents errors during assembly.


The components not only fit on the CrossBoard®, but also on conventional busbar systems such as 60Classic and 30Compact via CrossLink® adapters. As a universal system, the CrossBoard® is also open to components from other manufacturers.


The CrossBoard® is a ready-to-use out-of-the-box system that saves the user a lot of time during assembly. Unpack, snap onto the DIN rail and immediately start assembling the components.

TURCK Pressure Transmitter with IO-Link

Pressure transmitters from Turck’s PT1000/2000 series are now also available with an IO-Link interface and two programmable switching outputs. Besides their ability to withstand shocks and changes in pressure and temperature, the sensors thus also offer all the benefits of digital communication, including enhanced diagnostics and flexible parameterization.

For example, IO-Link enables users to monitor electrical short circuits, overpressures and underpressures, as well as values exceeding the maximum operating temperature. Other data for efficient condition monitoring can be supplied by an operating hours counter, a maximum and minimum pressure memory and an overpressure meter.

The pressure transmitters can be operated with two switching outputs or with IO-Link communication and one additional switching output as required. These switching outputs can be set for either PNP or NPN operation. This makes it possible to set the location of the switch points within the measuring range and their behavior as required.

Turck offers the compact pressure sensors with protection to IP67 and IP69K in two different designs: PT1000 series transmitters cover a measuring range from 0…1 bar to 0…40 bar and operate with a ceramic measuring cell. PT2000 series devices are provided with fully welded measuring cells for higher pressure ranges. Their measuring range is 0…1000 bar. Regardless of the series, the pressure sensors offer users the benefit of a high measuring accuracy of ±0.3 % FS BSL.