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Archives April 2021

Turck – Condition Monitoring Sensor for Temperature and Humidity

The combined temperature air humidity sensor for condition monitoring in IIoT and sensor-to-cloud applications

Turck is offering its first combined air humidity/temperature sensor for cost-effective condition monitoring in the field or in IIoT applications; very easy to integrate thanks to the IO-Link interface. The combination of the two measured variables air humidity and temperature in a single device makes the CMTH-M12 ideal for use in the condition monitoring systems of machines and plants or for monitoring the climatic conditions in production halls and warehouses in a wide range of sectors – from the automobile industry to the semiconductor and food industry, right through to  agriculture.

IO-Link for easy configuration

The sensor transfers temperature and air humidity as a continuous process value via the cyclical IO-Link process data. Two limit values ranges, each with a minimum and maximum value, are also provided. A warning signal can be output for these in the event of an out-of-range value. The bidirectional IO-Link interface can also be used for the transfer of cyclical user data as well as warning and status messages, such as operating hours. Conventional switching outputs are also provided as an alternative. 

Decentralized condition monitoring solutions

When used in combination with Turck’s multiprotocol I/O devices, user data and analysis data can be transferred over separate Ethernet protocols. While I/O modules transfer the user data to a higher-level controller via Ethernet/IP or Profinet, Modbus/TCP can be used as a parallel channel for analysis data. This information can also be provided for mobile access worldwide via Turck’s edge gateways and cloud systems.


  • Automotive industry
  • Logistics
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Food industry


  • IO-Link for easy data access and sensor-to-cloud solutions
  • SIO mode indicates limit value violations by switching signals to conventional I/Os
  • Parallel access to additional information with Turck’s multiprotocol I/O devices
  • Protection class IP67

Eaton NZM-PXR – The new digital NZM circuit breaker is here. Compact, Reliable, Innovative

Eaton‘s NZM series circuit breakers cover rated currents of 20 to 1,600 A – with only four frame sizes. And they are also optimally matched to each other. The wide range of possible applications covers every need. Eaton took a close look at what customers really want and designed the product accordingly.

What stands out, for example, is the comprehensive system of accessories, which can be individually assembled and easily installed inside the control cabinet and in line with specific application requirements. The same goes for the flexible terminals, which

offer increased safety for operators thanks to the variety of available covers.

The circuit breakers are thus suitable for universal use – from small distribution boards to machine controls and motor-starter combinations, and all the way to large power distribution systems with a short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 150 kA.

With the Power Xpert Release (PXR) Eaton has developed a new platform for trip units. This technology has already been integrated in the IZMX series of air circuit breakers, and is now also available for the compact circuit breakers of the NZM series.

The PXR is a powerful trip unit for professional users. Our customers’ greatest possible benefi t is always our main priority. Therefore, the PXR combines easy handling across all frame sizes with state of the art technology, a wide range of practical functions and, as always, a proven safety record.

The PXR technology makes it possible to confi gure and test the circuit breakers from a PC via a USB port. This makes it very easy to access the information generated by the switchgear, to save the test data and to print it. This is the fastest and most convenient way to continuously improve control and maintenance systems. All sensitive data and settings are password-protected to prevent unauthorized access.

What the PXR is capable of:

One design for all products

The consistent design for all product groups and the clear, ergonomic arrangement of the various elements ensures that the operation is the same operation and confi guration of the PXR across the whole range of compact and open circuit breakers.

Now also with LED light for status and overload indication

A green-red dual LED indicates the current status: In start-up mode, the LED is permanently green. Green flashing indicates normal operation. Red fl ashing indicates an error in the electronic trip unit (tripping unit). The overload LED indicates the load status of the circuit breaker. This warning can also be transmitted via the integrated communications. The PXR20 is fixed at 80 % and 105 % of Ir. The PXR25 has same default-values as the PXR20, but in this case they can be adjusted as required.

Everything under control – thanks to the high-resolution display

The high-quality, full graphic display features a premium pixel matrix for enhanced contrast and brightness. The uniform menu navigation has been designed for maximum user-friendliness.

Always the right setting

The new NZM is fully adjustable over an extended range. The customary PZ2 screwdriver can still be used. The VX trip unit of the NZM2 can now also be set for the instantaneous release range. In addition the NZM2 now comes with optional ground fault protection.

The PXR – a real knack for connectivity

The PXR electronic release uses the modern communications platform provided by the CAM interface and the internal Modbus RTU module, with possible connections to numerous systems such as PROFIBUS, Profi Net, Modbus TCP etc.

Energy metering with the digital NZM:

Measurement data for ISO 50001

With Class 1 energy-metering accuracy in accordance with IEC 61557-12

Greater efficiency with ISO 50001

The EN ISO 50001 standard was defi ned at the international level to facilitate the implementation of in-house energy management systems. The most important aim of the standard is the sustainable reduction of energy costs, Energy consumption and CO2 emissions by means of organizational and technical changes. Both for globally connected companies and for small and medium-sized businesses, sound energy management can lead to enhanced cost transparency and cost savings, while also contributing to the protection of natural resources and to a better corporate image. Especially for power-intensive companies whose consumption exceeds 10 GWh, or whose electricity costs account for more than 14 % of the value added, the German Renewable Energy Sources Act harbors enormous cost reduction potentials in the form of lower energy taxes.

The importance of accurate metrics and analytics

Prerequisites for introducing an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 are accurate energy metrics, the identifi cation of the main Energy consumers and a full analysis of the company’s energy costs. This creates a sound foundation for realizing concrete energy-effi ciency improvements. Eaton offers a broad range of innovative products for monitoring, measuring and analyzing energy data.

Product cost effi ciency through precise measurement

To compete in today‘s markets, cost-optimized products must be manufactured. By measuring the energy requirements of production machines, the energy costs incurred for the production of the individual product can be precisely calculated. The more precise the measurement, the more precise the calculation of the proportional energy costs of the individual product. Especially when large  production volumes and short cycle times come together, a very precise measurement is profi table, as incorrect values will otherwise falsify the cost calculation.

Klemsan Converter CT3 and VT3

Did you get to know the Klemsan converter family that offers solutions for your signal conversion needs in your industrial applications?

With current converters of the CT3 series within the Klemsan converter product family, you can convert the current value into an analog signal, while with voltage converters of the VT3 series the voltage value can be converted into an analog signal. The compact design saves space in the control cabinet.

Wago – Data mining made easy

New solutions for edge computing enable optimal data use in the field.

Edge computing, as part of Industry 4.0 concepts, is a way of combining the advantages of decentralized cloud architectures with those of a local network architecture. Edge devices can relieve controllers that require short latency times and high deterministics from the task of data mining. The collected data can be evaluated directly, displayed graphically and made available to the cloud. WAGO is now introducing two new edge devices that are ideally suited for this: the edge controller and the edge computer.

The new Edge Controller (752-8303 / 8000-0002) works with an ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor and has a wide range of interfaces. This includes two ETHERNET, one CANopen and two USB interfaces. A serial interface and four digital inputs / outputs are used to connect local devices or sensors. The Edge Controller is configured in the familiar e! COCKPIT environment and is therefore seamlessly integrated into the product environment of WAGO’s automation solutions.

The new Edge computers (752-9400 and 752-9401) each work with a quad-core Atom processor with 1.91 GHz and are equipped with a standard Debian Linux®. The existing 64 GB flash memory can be expanded for very large amounts of data by installing an SSD disk. Since the Edge computers manage without a fan despite the extended temperature range from -20 ° C to +60 ° C, they are very compact and can be easily integrated. Standard software such as Node-Red can be used on all edge devices. They communicate with all common protocols both on the factory floor and in the direction of the cloud.


Commissioning – parameterization – data logging

The service tool offers the following functionalities:

  • Commissioning and setting of the parameters
  • Manual control of the drive
  • Import and export of data

System software

  • Device connection via USB-C interface
  • For security reasons, software updates via the MOTUS C14 are only possible via the USB-C interface
  • Download available for Windows 10 or macOS

Warning and error messages Reading out the history for:

  • Error analysis
  • Faster fault isolation
  • Troubleshooting

Manual operation for manual control of the drive

  • Right – left – off
  • Soft start

Data logging

  • Display of data for preventive maintenance and early error detection
  • Display of current process data such as current, voltage and power

Turck – Fast RFID I/O Module for Ethercat

Turck’s new TBEC interface supports RFID applications with successions of very fast moving tags and up to 128 read/write heads

Turck has added the TBEC series to its range of robust and compact RFID solutions for fast interfaces to EtherCAT networks. The TBEC module in the fully potted plastic housing comes with protection to IP67/IP69K and can be used in an extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. The EtherCAT RFID module enables HF and UHF read/write heads to run at the same time, thus simplifying applications with different bandwidths and reducing the range of inventory needed.

Reduced commissioning and wiring effort

Like all of Turck’s Ethernet multiprotocol devices, the TBEC also supports the HF continuous bus mode by which up to 32 bus-capable HF read/write heads can be connected to each of the four RFID channels. In applications with many write or read positions, this considerably reduces wiring effort, costs and commissioning times. Sensors, lights or other actuators can be connected to the eight universal DXP I/Os. All terminals are implemented as 5-pin M12 male connectors, and the power supply (L-coded) is implemented with the future-proof M12 power technology.

Ideal for use in very fast RFID applications 

Thanks to the integrated RFID U data interface with cyclical process data transmission, the user benefits from fast and easy access to HF and UHF functions such as Idle mode. The EtherCAT module is thus ideal for use in RFID applications involving tags in very rapid succession, such as hanging goods in materials handling.


  • Machine and plant building
  • Automotive industry
  • Intralogistics


  • Continuous HF bus mode with up to 32 HF-capable read/write heads per channel
  • Mixed operation of HF and UHF read/write heads
  • Degree of protection IP65/IP67/IP69K 
  • U data interface for convenient use of RFID functionality

Eaton Control relay EasyE4

Control and regulation has never been easier!

The easyE4 control relay supports you efficiently in various control and regulation projects. Thanks to the high number of inputs / outputs, as well as the large Voltage variety, the easyE4 is ideally suited for applications in industry, such as also in the building sector. The powerful processor in combination with the interrupt Function enables fast processing and response times during operation.

The intuitive programming software easySoft creates additional flexibility and adjusts itself with it the four available programming languages (KOP, EDP, FBS, ST) to the needs of the User. Thanks to the web server and the Ethernet interface on board, the Visualization conveniently on the easyE4 display, on mobile devices, an HMI or a Laptop possible. In conjunction with other products from the Eaton portfolio, the easyE4 can also be integrated into IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) system architectures.