Control Techniques Commander C



Commander C

0.25 kW to 132 kW (0.33 HP to 200 HP)

Our new Commander C series is based on six generations of technical knowhow and expertise. It’s flexible. It’s versatile. It’s up to whatever challenging application you want to throw at it. And thanks to its ground-breaking design, the new series is super quick and easy to set up in the control panel too. To put it simply, it’s the best performing, most reliable and energy efficient general purpose drive we’ve ever built.

Free 5 year warranty*

Our Commander C series is built to cope with harsh environments. In fact, it is so reliable we are confident enough to supply it with a free five-year warranty. Now you can buy with the same confidence.

* Warranty terms and conditions apply

Flexible Motor Control

Key Features

Easy installation & commissioning

We’ve put the parameters you need on the front of the drive for easy reference.

Exceptional starting torque

Up to 180% overload for high torque applications.

Integrated functional safety

The Dual Safe Torque Off (STO) feature, certified to SIL 3/PLe safety rating and compliant with EH/IEC 6/800-5-2, prevents the motor from moving unexpectedly and can also be used to implement emergency stop without contactors.

Onboard PLC

Embedded intelligence eliminates the need for an external controller, saving both on cost and space when installing Commander C drives into a system.

Super-quick start-up

Tap in 4 key parameters (the motor rated current, RPM, voltage and power factor) and off you go.

Equipped with the latest energy saving features

The latest energy-saving technology means you get high productivity and low running costs.

Flexible connectivity

The plug in communication modules enable integration with a wide range of industrial fieldbuses

Worldwide drive centres and outstanding service

Need expert advice or support? Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got you covered.