Eaton – Electronic motor protection PKE

Thanks to their special properties, the PKE motor-protective circuit-breakers with electronic short-circuit and overload protection from the Eaton Moeller Series are a good alternative to the bimetal solution and complement the PKZ device family. Thanks to their compact and modular design with plug-in trip blocks for currents up to 65 A, they offer the user maximum flexibility in the cotrol cabinet. With the PKE-XTUCP trip blocks, a PKE motor protection switch can be transformed into a PKE circuit breaker for system protection to protect cables and lines in no time at all.

Approvals: UL / CSA, CCC and ATEX

Trip classes: Class 5, 10, 15 and 20

Key Features:

  • Manually operated motor protection switch according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660 part 102
  • Rotary handles with clear switch position indicator ON and OFF
  • Pluggable trip block up to 65 A with visible isolating distance
  • In connection with accessories main switch and EMERGENCY STOP switch according to EN 60204 or VDE 0113
  • Isolator properties according to IEC / EN 60947-3
  • UL / CSA (incl. Type E and F) approval for the North American market
  • Integrated in the SmartWire-DT system
  • Short-circuit proof up to 100 kA (400V) up to 32A and 50kA (400V) up to 65A
  • Electronic motor protection switch up to 36A with 45mm width / 65A with 55mm width.