Eaton – I/O system XN300

The ultra-compact, modular I / O system XN300 with a pluggable connection level with a high connection density complements the HMI / PLC products to create a system solution that focuses on the application. Application-oriented functions reduce device costs and enable an optimal system solution in the smallest space. The modern design with the practical assembly concept simplifies handling and enables the I / O block as well as the sensors and actuators to be pre-assembled. The pluggable connection level and the clear signal assignment simplify commissioning and complete the properties – ideal for meeting the requirements of series machine construction.

Main features

  • Compact I / O system
  • Modern design
  • Pluggable connection levels
  • Tool-free push-in wiring
  • Pre-assembled block assembly
  • Clear signal assignment
  • Ship approval

Flexible and easy assembly

The XN300 modules can be easily attached to the top-hat rail in the control cabinet by snapping them into place. No additional tool is required for this. This simplifies assembly and enables individual modules to be exchanged quickly. The cables are pressed into the push-in connector and the system is ready to use.

Diversity of modules in a compact space

The possibility of combining different modules as desired makes the XN300 system a universal solution for a wide variety of applications. Gateway modules are part of the basic portfolio and support all Eaton I / O components of this system. Digital modules offer many possible uses as input / output and relay modules. Analog modules are available as input / output and multifunctional modules and can perform mixed functions. Technology modules complete the extensive range and can be used, for example, as weighing, counter or motor driver modules.