Eaton PowerXL DM1 Frequency Converter

The PowerXL frequency converter DM1 combines high functionality in the smallest of spaces. It is used wherever space is an issue, but still requires the functionality of an ordinary universal converter. These include pump functions, HVAC functions and the control of common motors such as asynchronous motors or PM motors. Single-phase (115/230 V) and three-phase versions (400/600 V) are available that cover the power range up to 22 kW. The DM1 Pro version is equipped with safe torque off (STO) and extensive communication protocols as standard.

Key Features:

  • STO – SIL2, PLd, Cat.3 (DM1 Pro)
  • Integrated web server (DM1 Pro)
  • Bluetooth on-board
  • Short-circuit protection without additional ballasts
  • Modbus RTU on-board
  • Modbus TCP, Bacnet MS / TP and IP, Ethernet IP on-board (DM1 Pro)
  • Ambient temperature 50 ° C without derating
  • High overload capacity: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 2 seconds, dual rating
  • U / f control, sensorless vector control, PM control

Space-saving installation in existing systems:

Thanks to its compact design, the DM1 also fits into small housings with a depth of only 200 mm. In addition, the small space requirement enables inexpensive installation within the cabinet.

The DM1 (basic version) is suitable for simple applications in which no additional controls are required. The DM1 is the basic variant and offers Modbus RTU on-board, U / f control, Bluetooth but without keypad, STO and option cards. The DM1 Pro is more extensively equipped and also offers extended functions. DM1 Pro functions at a glance: Keypad with 7-segment display and setpoint potentiometer, STO on-board, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP on-board, U / f control, vector control, PM motor control, Bluetooth, web server on-board, slot for an option card.

The DM1 Pro does not require any external software, as the integrated web server enables access to all device settings and diagnostic data. The PowerXL inControl software includes a module for offline commissioning of the DM1 Standard and DM1 Pro. This module offers the same functionality as the web server and can be used if the DM1 has to be parameterized without a device being connected. The drive can also be put into operation with an external DG1 remote keypad, which can be connected to both the DM1 Standard and the DM1 Pro and shows all parameters and settings in plain text.