Eaton SL4 / SL7 Light Columns

Bright, loud and durable SL7 and SL4 illuminated columns belong to the Eaton MoellerTM series; allows you to easily monitor and signal the operating status of the control panel, machine and systems. These illuminated columns, thanks to the high performance LEDs and sound modules, reliably show the operating status even in adverse lighting conditions. Thanks to its high (IP66) degree of protection, harsh environments and outdoor applications do not pose any problems. Light columns can be easily adapted to any application.

Key Features

  • LED technology for all functions and common voltage levels
  • High performance LEDs for higher visibility
  • Adjustable sound levels according to different ambient conditions (up to 100 DB)
  • Up to eight different signal types
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Communication with SmartWire-DTTM

The SL7 and SL4 illuminated columns show the machine status by means of optical and audible signals that allow the machines to be easily noticed from a distance. Optical signals are displayed with high performance LEDs as continuous light, electronic flasher, flasher and multiple electronic flasher. Audible signals; It can be in the form of a continuous tone and pulsed tone. You can also choose any of the other eight shades.