Nidec – Control Techniques pump inverter F600

Simple, reliable flow control

Water flow controls require extreme reliability and low energy consumption. As part of our newly introduced Specialist series of industry-specific drive technologies, the F600 inverter from Control Techniques is based on our company’s five decades of experience in the field of drive technology and enables precise and reliable flow control.

The Inverter has everything you need. The F600 has all the features you need and uses the language you understand. This is not a generic drive that has been upgraded with specific pump functions – it is a dedicated, specialty pump drive that has been designed from the ground up for the reliability and efficiency you need.

Speaks your language

The F600 inverter is tailored to all your needs and optimized to minimize the time required for set-up without sacrificing flexibility. Whatever the challenge, our clear naming and structuring of parameters ensures that we not only have the answers to this challenge, but also present them in a format that you understand.

Energy savings, realizing the potential

On average, 85% of a pump’s life cycle cost is related to its energy consumption, so optimizing energy consumption can mean a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. The F600 converter scores with particularly efficient operation of applications with variable torque. You will see the benefits in reduced operating costs and lower energy consumption.

Full control

The F600 can also control the most efficient motors available that meet the IE5 efficiency level, such as: B. the Nidec Leroy Somer Dyneo + hybrid permanent magnet motor. All of these make the F600 the best choice for saving money every day.

Developed for your application

The F600 pump inverter offers a variety of special functions including dry run protection, pipe filling, pump cleaning, overclocking protection and level control. A number of different control modes for single pumps and different parallel pump configurations make the Control Techniques F600 an extremely versatile solution.

Unmatched total cost of ownership

through innovative protective functions and extended device service life

The F600 has extensive pump and motor protection functions that minimize unplanned downtimes, improve overall effectiveness and guarantee high profitability. Make your application really fail-safe and survive component failures without far-reaching problems.

Automatic troubleshooting

In the unlikely event that your pump fails, the F600 can dynamically restore operation and return to normal operation.

Limit control

If the actual value feedback exceeds the limit values ​​defined for your application, the F600 can trigger an alarm or stop the drive in order to protect your system and preserve its service life.

Protection against failure of the transmitter

If the connection to the transmitter is lost, the F600 can stop operation, continue at a fixed speed, or ignore the error, depending on the application requirements.

Fire mode

Fire mode allows the drive to disable all trip trips and continue running without interruption during emergency events if the application requires it.

The F600 is 98% efficient, which means that very little energy is lost in energy conversion.

The real savings potential is also tapped through the built-in functions of the F600, which can further reduce energy consumption:

Savings at low loads

The F600 helps to maximize energy savings with little use. With the state-of-the-art low load power saving function from Control Techniques, the converter dynamically reduces the applied voltage to reduce losses in the motor and increase the efficiency of the system.