Turck – Compact Interface Technology for Modular Machines

Single-channel IMXK12 interface devices for flat control cabinets on modular or mobile machines

Turck is expanding its interface portfolio with the compact single-channel IMXK series for control cabinets with shallow casings, which are commonly used in modular machines or mobile applications. With a depth of only 77 mm, the IMXK series is 35 percent shorter than the latest conventional interface devices. In terms of precision and speed in real conditions, the IMXK outperforms comparable device types with larger dimensions.

The IMXK devices can be used as associated equipment for the connection of intrinsically safe field devices through to Zone 0. The IMXK itself can also be mounted in Ex-compatible housings in Zone 2. All variants can moreover be used in functionally safe circuits up to SIL2. Four variants are initially available: Isolating switching amplifiers for digital input signals (IMXK12-DI), valve control modules for digital output signals (IMXK12-DO) as well as isolating transducers for analog input signals (IMXK12-AI) and isolators for analog output signals (IMXK12-AO). 

The devices are supplied with 10…30 VDC in order to compensate for any voltage fluctuations and to enable operation with a 12 V onboard power supply. The wide operating temperature range from -25 to 70 °C makes them also suitable for use in the proximity of machines and motors, where higher temperatures are often present.