Turck – Fast IO-Link Encoders with COM3

Turck’s new encoder models support IIoT solutions with smart data and achieve transfer rates of 230.4 Kbit/s

Turck has expanded its comprehensive encoder portfolio and is also now offering encoders with an IO-Link interface in the Efficiency and Industrial Lines. IO-Link models are thus now also available in the other two categories in addition to the contactless QR24 encoders of the Premium line. The new encoders support with COM3 the latest and fastest IO-Link interface on the market with a transfer rate of 230.4 Kbit/s, thus enabling a considerable improvement for control circuits. The encoders also come with integrated temperature sensors and can route already preprocessed position data to IO-Link masters if required. With their smart data, the devices support the implementation of IIoT solutions, such as for predictive maintenance.

Continuous operation without regular maintenance

Their interlocked bearings make the encoders particularly robust against vibration or impact to the shaft. The energy harvesting technology ensures continuous operation with zero maintenance since the new multiturn IO-Link encoders also detect the number of revolutions when de-energized – without any additional battery or mechanical gears. This saves users the need for battery changes and regular maintenance.

Automatic parameterization after device exchange

The encoders allow simple and uniform data processing with the help of the IO-Link smart sensor profile (SSP) which defines the data semantics of the IO-Link information model in detail and uniformly irrespective of vendor. The data storage functionality of the IO-Link encoders enable users to replace faulty devices without any additional effort since the IO-Link master provides the new encoder with all the necessary device parameters without the need for any additional parameter setting.

From the sensor to the cloud

The new encoders once more underline Turck’s claim to be a full range supplier of IO-Link devices and masters. In this way, Turck can offer comprehensive IIoT solutions, from the sensor to the cloud – and back again.


  • Logistics
  • Packaging
  • Other industries in which cost-driven digitization is required


  • IO-Link 1.1
  • Transmission speed of 230.4 Kbit/s (COM3)
  • Two interlocked bearings
  • Energy harvesting technology (multiturn encoders)
  • Data storage function