Turck LRS510 Level measuring radar sensor

The new LRS510 sensor family from Turck offers comprehensive analysis functions for demanding level applications in tanks and silos.

Radar sensors of the recently developed LRS series with IO-Link complement Turck’s portfolio for level measurement in the range from 0.35 to 10 meters. New devices with IP67 / 69K protection are particularly recommended for factory automation level applications where optical or ultrasonic sensors are unsuitable due to disruptive factors such as dust, wind or light. Free-emitting LRS radar sensors offer detailed analysis functions that were previously only possible in modern radar sensors in the process industry. The lack of a metal guide probe makes it easier to use the sensor in hygienic applications and simplifies commissioning

The capacitive keys and the touch surface of the LRS series, with their translucent front cover, are based on the same concept as the Fluid 2.0 sensor platform from Turck and transmit data on distance, level and volume values. LRS sensors are available with two digital outputs or one digital and one analog output. Thanks to additional IO-Link interfaces and signal preprocessing, all variants offer a large amount of additional information for processing in condition monitoring applications on IIoT. In addition to the signal strength, this also includes temperature values, operating hours or switching cycles.

Turck’s IO-Link master users can call up the radar monitor via the IODD configurator without the need for additional software. The browser-based configuration tool shows the measurement curve of the sensor graphically and offers plain text access to all relevant parameters. This makes it possible, for example, to mask the interference signal from a mixer or network or to align perfectly with the real-time feedback from the sensor in order to maximize the reliability of the level measurement in demanding applications.