WAGO Energy meter (MID)

Comprehensive energy measurement is necessary to optimize energy consumption. WAGO now has new energy meters in its portfolio that offer numerous advantages. You use the Push-in CAGE CLAMP® with a lever and can therefore be connected very easily and quickly. The devices are only 72 mm wide with direct measurement and even only 35 mm in the version for current transformers. This saves the user a lot of space in the control cabinet.

In addition to the values ​​for active and reactive energy, the energy meters also record grid frequency as well as current, voltage and power for all phases. The user sees all energy quality features at a glance on the large, illuminated display. The new energy meters are real communication professionals. All devices have both an M-Bus and a Modbus® interface that the user can use as required. In addition, two S0 interfaces are available for both energy directions, with the pulse rate being adjustable. The configuration and operation of the new meters is very easy: The large display facilitates operation via the integrated sensitive operating elements. In addition, a configuration app can be used that communicates with the device via Bluetooth®. With the new energy measuring devices, a wide variety of applications in buildings or in industry can be implemented – the MID declaration of conformity also enables applications with consumption billing.