WAGO – PFC200 controller now with four ETHERNET ports

Two additional interfaces offer more connectivity and additional freedom

The latest generation of WAGO PFC200 controllers now offer up to four separately configurable ETHERNET ports. This means that all applications that place increased demands on connectivity can be implemented. The networks at the ports can be freely configured. This means that the controller can be integrated into an extensive network with two ports each and, at the same time, into a smaller local network. The possibilities range from connection to four different networks to all four ports with switches. This saves the need for an additional switch in the control cabinet, which is often necessary.

An integrated firewall functionality ensures a high level of security in local networks. The four interfaces on the PFC200 are designed as 100BASE-TX ports with RJ-45 sockets. All common ETHERNET protocols are supported. Typical applications for the PFC200 can be found in mechanical and plant engineering, in the process industry and in building automation. The powerful controller works with a real-time capable Linux® operating system and can be programmed with the languages ​​according to IEC 61131-3.

Your advantages:

  • Four ETHERNET ports on one controller
  • Freely configurable
  • There is no need for an additional switch in the control cabinet.