Wago – Wireless Access Point supports WLAN and Bluetooth®.

In the industrial environment, wireless communication is a good option for accessing machines or systems quickly and without installing a cable. For the simple establishment of such a connection, WAGO now offers the new wireless access point, which is built directly into the outer surface of a control cabinet. This enables radio transmission via WLAN (IEEE802.11a / b / g / d / n / r), Bluetooth® or Bluetooth® Low Energy. In this way, for example, the control of a machine can be accessed with a tablet or smartphone or via the ETHERNET protocols PROFINET, Modbus / TCP or EtherNet / IP. The compact wireless access point is very easy to install. A hole with a diameter of 50 mm must be punched in the housing. The device is then put through the hole and screwed on from the inside with a suitable M50 nut. Then only the data line via the RJ-45 connector and, if necessary, the power supply must be connected. Alternatively, a supply via PoE is possible. On the outside of the housing, the high degree of protection IP67 is fulfilled for use in harsh industrial environments.

Your advantages:

  • Wireless machine communication
  • Access to the control with tablet or smartphone
  • Complete package – just install it and start immediately