Wöhner CrossBoard®: The global base system

The CrossBoard® is available in widths of 225 mm and 405 mm. Both can be combined as required.

Ready quickly and easily

The basic system consists of the CrossBoard®, the infeeds, a large number of adapters, the NH fuse switch-disconnector, the power supply unit, the hybrid motor starters and the hybrid switches.

The new system solution out of the box

With the CrossBoard®, Wöhner has created a completely new system that combines the advantages of a powerful busbar system with traditional wiring on the DIN mounting rail in the control cabinet. The CrossBoard® is an out-of-the-box system that is supplied as a complete unit. It can be assembled and equipped with components immediately after unpacking. This innovative solution saves time and money. Depending on the application, the integrated contact protection also enables work to be carried out under voltage.


The CrossBoard® with its protection against accidental contact offers a high level of safety. Power distribution in accordance with the IEC 61439 and UL 508 standards, including protection against accidental contact in accordance with IP20, can be implemented.


The components are simply snapped onto the CrossBoard®, and the contact is made automatically. The integrated reverse polarity protection prevents errors during assembly.


The components not only fit on the CrossBoard®, but also on conventional busbar systems such as 60Classic and 30Compact via CrossLink® adapters. As a universal system, the CrossBoard® is also open to components from other manufacturers.


The CrossBoard® is a ready-to-use out-of-the-box system that saves the user a lot of time during assembly. Unpack, snap onto the DIN rail and immediately start assembling the components.