Wöhner Motus®C14

The electronic motor starter with C14 technology. Particularly environmentally friendly through the use of bio-based plastics.

With the motor starters of the Motus C14 series from Wöhner, short circuits should lose their fear. If an error occurs, the electronics switch off the motor within a maximum of ten microseconds. For comparison: the response time of a conventional fuse is around 2,000 microseconds. In the case of a circuit breaker, the switch-off time in the event of a fault is even 5,000 microseconds.

The C14 technology also ensures that the system is intrinsically safe and can be switched on again immediately after the error has been rectified. According to the provider, other advantages include a space saving of 75% compared to conventional reversing starters as well as easy assembly and disassembly.

An IO-Link or Modbus TCP interface is available on request for diagnosis and process data. The following data can be called up using this function:

System and self-diagnosis:

  • Self-diagnosis of the device
  • Engine system environment diagnosis
  • System environment diagnostics busbar

Process data and data logging:

  • Access to internal real-time data: current, voltage, power
  • Data analysis, e.g. for preventive maintenance
  • Early error detection
  • Last parameters in the event of an error

The product series is equipped with a CrossLink interface and can therefore be used in all Wöhner basic systems. It can be contacted directly on the CrossBoard and, with the basic system adapter, also in the other systems 30Compact, 60Classic, 185Power and Panel.