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Commander S

0.18 to 4 kW (0.25 to 5 hp)

single-phase 100 + 200 V, three-phase 200 + 400 V

Linear V/f characteristic, quadratic V/f characteristic, resistance compensation

Makes simple applications easy.

Take control of motor control and energy savings with the latest addition to the Control Techniques portfolio.

With a range of features optimized for simple applications, Commander S offers a cost-effective solution for installations that require plug-and-play convenience straight out of the box.

Commander S is the first drive to come standard with an app interface. The Marshal App revolutionizes the way the user accesses the drive for commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support.

Marshal: Your local converter expert

Revolutionize the way you communicate with your drive

Control Techniques has been challenging the status quo with innovative ideas for many years, making a lasting impact on the drive industry. And we’ve done it again with Marshal: Control Techniques is the first drive manufacturer to integrate NFC technology into a drive as standard, offering the Marshal App interface at no additional cost.

Marshal is your local drive expert. This comprehensive interface allows for commissioning, transferring parameters, diagnosing system problems and monitoring the drive with just a few touches of the screen.

Easy to install

The sleek, curved design of the Commander S optimizes component placement for a small footprint and easy access to ports. The click-on/click-off DIN rail makes installation extremely easy.

Easy to handle

With our new Marshal App (Android/iOS) you can configure your drive in less than 60 seconds.


Durability was a key focus in the development of the Commander S and guarantees that performance will be maintained over its lifetime.

Cost efficient

Equipped with unique features that save you time, energy and money.


The new WAGO Compact Controller 100 with integrated I/Os offers maximum performance with minimum space.

With the Compact Controller 100 (751-9301), WAGO offers a compact controller that is attractive for different applications and can be quickly adapted to the needs of the user. WAGO thus optimally rounds off its automation portfolio below the proven PFC200 family. As usual in the WAGO controller family, the Compact Controller works with a real-time Linux operating system and supports the common fieldbus protocols – a clear commitment to openness and interoperability.

Your advantages:

  • Controller with real-time Linux operating system
    • Compact controller with I/Os in a REG design housing
    • Manufacturer-independent engineering environment CODESYS V3

Embedded Linux

For users who feel at home on the command line and prefer direct use of a slim and secure operating system, an “Embedded Linux” is available: This real-time Linux offers numerous advantages, including the flexibility of being able to access the source code at any time thanks to “Open Source”. adapt to your own requirements. In addition, the robust operating system ensures high stability and is constantly being optimized by the active open source community. This means that users are always up to date for future requirements, especially with regard to security.

Engineering with CODESYS V3

The future of automation lies in strong partnerships and co-creation of products and solutions. WAGO therefore offers the Compact Controller 100 with the manufacturer-independent automation software CODESYS V3. It offers the functions and technologies that are used in modern automation today, is kept absolutely up-to-date by the active community and creates many new possibilities for users with manufacturer independence and interoperability.

Compact design

Thanks to its design as a DIN rail mounted device (REG) in accordance with DIN 43880, the new controller can also be installed in small installation distributors of control panel. The I/O unit is housed in a compact housing together with the controller; therefore no additional space is required for further control components. The removable wiring level makes installation and device replacement easier.

Eaton – DE1 Variable Speed Starter

The PowerXL ™ DE1 variable speed starter enables the user to achieve the required energy efficiency (ErP directive) of the machine or application. At the same time, quick and cost-efficient installation and commissioning is ensured.

Cost efficiency through:

Fast assembly, error-free installation in the control cabinet

Commissioning out-of-the-box (up to 70% time savings)

Easy changeover from the motor starter

No special FU knowledge necessary

Low technical support effort

Integrated motor protection and short circuit protection

Space savings through side by side assembly and horizontal assembly

Reduced cooling effort, as high ambient temperatures are permissible

PDS category C1 with integrated EMC filter.

Out-of-box commissioning

Trip-free design for maximum machine availability:

  • Auto reset
  • DC regulation
  • DC braking
  • PWM regulation
  • Comprehensive engine protection
  • 60°C ambient temperature (partly with derating> 50°C).

Simple parameterization with a screwdriver using the DXE-EXT-SET option

Modbus RTU integrated

UL combination rating 100 kA

Degree of protection IP20

International standards (CE, UL, cUL, cTick, UkrSEPRO, RohHS).


  • External parameterization module DXE-EXT-SET
  • External keypad
  • Line chokes
  • Throttle
  • Parameter copy stick
  • Parameter software drivesConnect

Unidrive M700

0.75 kW – 2.8 MW (1.0 – 4,200 hp)
200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

The bread and butter of Control Techniques is honing our unique motor control algorithms, taking pride in our craft as any good craftsman would. This ensures that our Unidrive M series drives offer the highest control stability and bandwidth for every industrial motor type

Unidrive M enables maximum machine throughput in every application and with every motor, from standard AC induction motors to dynamic linear motors and from energy saving hybrid permanent-magnet motors to high performance servo motors.

For Torque Control applications
  • Precision torque control with up to 250 μs update rate
  • Sensorless control of induction, permanent-magnet and hybrid PM motors
  • 98% efficient, minimal energy lost during the power conversion process
  • Easy common DC bus configuration, dynamic braking, and regenerative mode
  • Full spectrum of stand-alone, modular and pre-assembled drives up to 2.8MW (4,200hp)
  • On-board PLC to execute programs for logic and sequencing
For Speed Control applications
  • Fully configurable S-ramps
  • High bandwidth speed loop and switching frequencies supported up to 16 kHz
  • Built-in, universal feedback interface supporting everything from resolvers to incremental and absolute encoders
  • Stationary autotune
  • Low acoustic noise due to adjustable multi-speed fan and intelligent thermal management
  • Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) input(s), certified to SIL3 / PLe
For Position Control applications
  • Support for virtually all control bus technologies, including traditional fieldbuses and serial communications
  • Effortless integration into PLC architectures with PLC Controlled Motion
  • Built-in, 1.5 axis advanced motion controller with cam profiles, homing, and electronic gearbox
  • Scalable integrated motion control reduces demand on, or can entirely replace, a central PLC
  • Comprehensive motion safety functions, including over safe networks



The built-in, ultra-flexible speed and position feedback interface supports a wide range of feedback technologies from robust resolvers to high resolution encoders, including SinCos, EnDat, SSI, HIPERFACE and BiSS.


Unidrive supports sensorless control of induction, permanent-magnet, and hybrid PM motors, reducing system cost and improving robustness.

High performance and high power

With Unidrive there is no compromise between power and control performance. Unidrive supports high output switching frequencies throughout the power range, making it the drive of choice when your application demands uncompromised high performance control at high powers.


High bandwidth motor control supporting switching frequencies up to 16 kHz, for open and closed loop induction, servo and hybrid PM motors, giving up to 3,000 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth. Unidrive, with its high speed variants, is suitable for applications where output frequencies above 600 Hz are needed, such as spindles and centrifuges.

Universally applicable

Having one universal drive in control of multiple parts of the application radically simplifies machine design. Your engineering team only have one product to learn, allowing them to spend more time on other tasks. It also means a single, universal replacement for any maintenance, repair or operational need.

Integrated Safety

Modernising system design, replacing traditional electro-mechanical safety components with the capabilities of the latest generation of variable speed drives, is the new standard across industries to increase efficiency and availability.

Unidrive offers integrated single or dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs, certified to SIL3 / PLe, providing an elegant and more reliable solution over traditional motor contactors.

On-board PLC

All Unidrive M series drives incorporate an easy to use, onboard PLC which can execute programs for logic and IEC 61131-3 motion and sequencing with real-time tasks.

Advanced Motor Controller

The Unidrive M700 series integrates a 1.5 axes Advanced Motion Controller, allowing motion functions to be synchronously carried out on the drive at 250 μs cycle time, minimising system latencies and maximising performance. By implementing motion control on the drive, the system design can be liberated from being tied to specific PLC vendors, at the same time reducing the computational load on the external PLC or even replacing it altogether.

Key features of the Advanced Motion Controller include:

  • 250 μs cycle time
  • Motion profile generator
  • Electronic gearbox
  • Simple cam profiles with point-to-point selectable interpolation
  • Homing functions
  • High speed position freeze (Touch probe)
MCi integrated machine controllers

Second processor for PLC programs and multi-axis control MCi modules add a powerful second processor to Unidrive M, extending the drive’s system and machine control capabilities to run application programs up to four times faster than a standard PLC. MCi programs can access and manage Unidrive M’s embedded Advanced Motion Controller across a wide range of networks, providing perfectly synchronised multi-axis machine performance.

The modules are powered from the drives internal power supply, which means less wiring and less physical space is required. They work seamlessly with external components such as I/O, HMIs and other networked drives through Unidrive M’s native communication ports and System Integration modules.

The MCi210 also provides two additional Ethernet ports with an internal network switch.

WAGO – PFC200 controller now with four ETHERNET ports

Two additional interfaces offer more connectivity and additional freedom

The latest generation of WAGO PFC200 controllers now offer up to four separately configurable ETHERNET ports. This means that all applications that place increased demands on connectivity can be implemented. The networks at the ports can be freely configured. This means that the controller can be integrated into an extensive network with two ports each and, at the same time, into a smaller local network. The possibilities range from connection to four different networks to all four ports with switches. This saves the need for an additional switch in the control cabinet, which is often necessary.

An integrated firewall functionality ensures a high level of security in local networks. The four interfaces on the PFC200 are designed as 100BASE-TX ports with RJ-45 sockets. All common ETHERNET protocols are supported. Typical applications for the PFC200 can be found in mechanical and plant engineering, in the process industry and in building automation. The powerful controller works with a real-time capable Linux® operating system and can be programmed with the languages ​​according to IEC 61131-3.

Your advantages:

  • Four ETHERNET ports on one controller
  • Freely configurable
  • There is no need for an additional switch in the control cabinet.

TURCK – Linux-Based Condition Monitoring Platform

Turck’s compact IM18-CCM50 DIN rail control center for collecting, processing and forwarding condition data to IIoT can be configured for specific OEM requirements

The IM18-CCM50 is a compact condition monitoring control center for simple installation in the control cabinet. This enables the use of both the information of the integrated sensors for measuring door position, humidity and temperature, as well as the data from external sensors and measuring devices, which can be integrated via analog and digital interfaces. Besides two analog inputs (mA or V) the module offers two digital inputs/outputs as well as a relay output for tasks such as the control of signal lights and a USB 2.0 Host for connecting a mass storage memory or a wireless adapter.

Current measurement with add-on modules possible

An add-on interface allows other devices such as the IM18-CCM51 to be connected for current measurement for 12 AC channels with up 600 A. The data transfer and power supply of the IM18-CCM modules is implemented via the backplane. 

Linux control center connects OT and IT

This range of functions makes the IM18-CCM platform ideal for machine and plant builders wishing to offer their customers advanced condition monitoring functions. This therefore makes it possible to also implement remote maintenance during operation via the OEM right through to the control cabinet of the user. The open Linux operating system (Debian) is optimized for the installation of custom analysis programs. With its two independent Ethernet interfaces, the IM18-CCM provides an effortless connection between the OT and IT world. The device uses the TCP/IP, Modbus TCP and HTTP communication protocols. Other Ethernet-based protocols can be installed at any time.

Retrofitting condition monitoring in existing machines

With the IM18-CCM50 series, Turck’s CCM platform now includes a powerful IIoT platform for condition monitoring and other IT applications. The IM18-CCM40 is a flexible, open and attractively priced condition monitoring solution that can also be directly connected to IT systems. The IM12-CCM, with its processing and monitoring functions, is ideal for straightforward retrofitting in existing installations as it can be connected to automation systems via IO-Link. 


  • Linux platform (Debian) for the installation of OEM software
  • Integrated sensors measure air humidity, temperature, door closure
  • Several analog and digital interfaces as well as backplane bus offer extensive connectivity options
  • Current measurement via add-on modules simplify motor monitoring

Nidec – Control Techniques pump inverter F600

Simple, reliable flow control

Water flow controls require extreme reliability and low energy consumption. As part of our newly introduced Specialist series of industry-specific drive technologies, the F600 inverter from Control Techniques is based on our company’s five decades of experience in the field of drive technology and enables precise and reliable flow control.

The Inverter has everything you need. The F600 has all the features you need and uses the language you understand. This is not a generic drive that has been upgraded with specific pump functions – it is a dedicated, specialty pump drive that has been designed from the ground up for the reliability and efficiency you need.

Speaks your language

The F600 inverter is tailored to all your needs and optimized to minimize the time required for set-up without sacrificing flexibility. Whatever the challenge, our clear naming and structuring of parameters ensures that we not only have the answers to this challenge, but also present them in a format that you understand.

Energy savings, realizing the potential

On average, 85% of a pump’s life cycle cost is related to its energy consumption, so optimizing energy consumption can mean a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. The F600 converter scores with particularly efficient operation of applications with variable torque. You will see the benefits in reduced operating costs and lower energy consumption.

Full control

The F600 can also control the most efficient motors available that meet the IE5 efficiency level, such as: B. the Nidec Leroy Somer Dyneo + hybrid permanent magnet motor. All of these make the F600 the best choice for saving money every day.

Developed for your application

The F600 pump inverter offers a variety of special functions including dry run protection, pipe filling, pump cleaning, overclocking protection and level control. A number of different control modes for single pumps and different parallel pump configurations make the Control Techniques F600 an extremely versatile solution.

Unmatched total cost of ownership

through innovative protective functions and extended device service life

The F600 has extensive pump and motor protection functions that minimize unplanned downtimes, improve overall effectiveness and guarantee high profitability. Make your application really fail-safe and survive component failures without far-reaching problems.

Automatic troubleshooting

In the unlikely event that your pump fails, the F600 can dynamically restore operation and return to normal operation.

Limit control

If the actual value feedback exceeds the limit values ​​defined for your application, the F600 can trigger an alarm or stop the drive in order to protect your system and preserve its service life.

Protection against failure of the transmitter

If the connection to the transmitter is lost, the F600 can stop operation, continue at a fixed speed, or ignore the error, depending on the application requirements.

Fire mode

Fire mode allows the drive to disable all trip trips and continue running without interruption during emergency events if the application requires it.

The F600 is 98% efficient, which means that very little energy is lost in energy conversion.

The real savings potential is also tapped through the built-in functions of the F600, which can further reduce energy consumption:

Savings at low loads

The F600 helps to maximize energy savings with little use. With the state-of-the-art low load power saving function from Control Techniques, the converter dynamically reduces the applied voltage to reduce losses in the motor and increase the efficiency of the system.

WAGO Compact Controller 100

The little giant is here! With the new compact controller CC100, WAGO is opening a new door in the world of automation. With its embedded Linux operating system, on-board I / Os, industrial interfaces and Type-C connectivity, the CC100 is on the market!

In addition to the CODESYS runtime, you can use Linux to create unlimited automation solutions for open source applications.

Eaton – Rapid Link 5

Rapid Link 5 is a decentralized, electronic drive system that is used for simple to complex tasks in all areas of conveyor technology. It offers all the functions required to switch, control, protect and network electric motors on conveyor belts. The system consists of the RAMO 5 electronic motor starter and the RASP 5 frequency converter, both of which are available with IP65 protection. Typical areas of application for the Rapid Link system include baggage handling systems, logistics centers and production logistics. The devices are mounted close to the drive; the connection is quick and fail-safe using standard plug-in connections. The manual and automatic operating modes can be selected with a key switch. In automatic mode, the devices communicate via the AS-Interface fieldbus, which is preferred in conveyor technology. In addition, Rapid Link 5 can now also communicate via the Ethernet / IP and Profinet fieldbus systems.

Remote maintenance and data transparency: Fieldbus systems, AS-i, Profinet, Ethernet I / P

IE4 Ready:                                                                         Energy-efficient control of IE4 motors

Long service life:                                                            Motor starters with more than 10 million switching cycles

Main features

RAMO5 electronic motor starter:

• Uniform size for outputs from 0.09 to 3.0 kW

• Execution as direct and reversing starter

• On-site operation on board

• Long service life of over 10 million switching cycles

• Approvals: CE, cUL, CCC

RASP5 frequency converter with variable speed:

• Uniform size for outputs from 0.75 to 4 kW

• On-site operation on board

• Precise and reliable vector control for PM motors

• Integrated safety function “Safe Torque Off” (STO)

• Integrated braking resistor for dynamic applications or lifting applications

• Integrated EMC filter

• Approvals: CE, cUL508

IoT ready

Rapid Link 5 forms a consistent system and covers the field bus systems AS-Interface, Profinet and Ethernet / IP. This makes it easy to integrate into IoT solutions. A high level of data transparency can also be achieved in extensive conveyor systems, which enables remote maintenance down to the device level or comprehensive energy management. In addition, all Rapid Link devices meet the highest security requirements and are therefore effectively protected against cyber attacks.

Eaton power supply PSG

The new Eaton PSG series of power supplies offers a perfect solution for 24 VDC applications. The new finger-safe IP20 connection terminals, as well as the short-circuit and overload capability, guarantee security in the power supply and underline the security concept. The new, more compact housings save valuable space in the control cabinet and costs.

Strong performance: 150% power soost for up to 5 seconds

Finger-safe: IP20 terminals

Maximum flexibility: suitable for operating temperatures from -25 C to + 80 C.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable output voltage range for optimal adaptation to the application
  • Short-circuit and overload resistance guarantee security in the supply
  • Aluminum and plastic housing
  • Power supply unit with NEC Class II
  • DC LED display