Industrial Automation

Speed, quality and cost reduction are the most important factors in today’s industry, in a world ruled by Asian-based global players.

SCADA / IoT / 4.0

With our automation solutions in the area of SCADA, IoT and 4.0, we provide a modular and open platform. It fulfills all requirements in the areas of operation, observation, monitoring, control, data recording, production management, reporting and data analysis.

Machine Modernization / Machine Overhaul

Compared to the new acquisition of expensive machines, the modernization of already existing older machines and systems is often the cheaper option.

Installation Work

A special variant of our service is the recurring electrical assembly processes of similar machines from one manufacturer. In order to make the lasting cooperation with the machine manufacturers efficient and to ensure the desired quality, we train one or more teams specifically on your machines.

Control Cabinet

From project planning to production to commissioning, we offer our Customers a wide range of services. Our flexible manufacturing capacities master lot size 1 as well as the series. On request we deliver Series control Just-in-time.

Building Automation

Intelligent networking in buildings - using the advantages of digitization in buildings.